Brazilian Roadtrip

Brazilian acoustic guitar swinger with mid-tempo latin percussion and a smooth double bass. Relaxed, fun, careless and seductive, suitable for vacation promo videos or exotic film scenes.



Groovy double bass is the lynchpin of this four-to-the-floor dance track. Funny, exciting and a steady drive, suitable for comedy spots or funny material. You know those moments in Scooby-doo when everyone is chasing each other through all these doors in the same space? Well, like that but with a cultural edge.



Harsh beats, jazzy rhodes, building suspense with hard robotic sequences


Awake When Yr Asleep

Whimsical, dubby but light electronic beat with a carefree whistling synth topline. Chilled, laid back ambient progresses to a light driving pulse, suitable for technology documentaries – imagine a promo unveiling Tesla’s new car.


Arcade Fireesque

A rousing instrumental with a chiming piano and driving bass guitar. Reminiscent of Arcade Fire, with a sense of happiness, excitement, celebration and euphoria. Suitable for corporate, and campaigns that are success stories.


Ambient House

Moody electronic track with bass, sparse percussion and a rich, warm orchestral string base. Builds and shifts to a faster dance pulse. Full of anticipation and tension but with a hint of calm and hope from the warm orchestral string progression. Suitable for tense, life-changing moments or free-wheeling characters on TV/Film.



A thoughtful modern ballad filled with futuristic electronic triphop influences. On one hand tension, on the other serenity, suitable for post-credits scenes e.g. in a sci-fi drama.


AB Love

Sad and melancholic harp song incorporating the haunting sound of playing children. With sorrowful harmonies and strings building to an ambient conclusion, suitable for TV drama, mystery or pensive reflective moments.


Africa Dawn

African tribal piece with a sense of anticipation, inspiration and celebration, with orchestral strings, african percussion, shakers, sticks and xylophone. Meditative, raw and relaxing, suitable for inspiring projects related to Africa and or world documentaries.



An atmospheric journey with dreamlike textures, featuring bells, shuffling drums, and syncopated orchestral strings. Searching, driven, and slightly chaotic, suitable for promo videos, travel segments and poignant moments. Picture a lush dreamy national geographic panorama.