Calm yet intoxicating eastern-style track with acoustic instrumentation. Guitar, vocal samples and varied percussion, including tambourine and hand drums, build an intense atmosphere that feels like an improvised jam on a single guitar theme. Subtle background strings add depth. Reminiscent of Andorra-era Caribou as well as North Indian Classical Music, but with a hint of the Middle East, suitable for a mysterious atmospheric build.



Full on breakbeat with a massive pulse and a drum solo breakdown. Hard, heavy and unrelenting.


Deadline Titles

Echoing, haunting piano. Powerful, muted beats. Dark and brooding with a sense of anticipation.


Deadline Ships

Atmospheric acoustic guitar track with gentle percussion and orchestral strings. Anticipatory, sombre but hopeful, with an Autumnal feel.


Deadline Ending

Piano, strings, acoustic guitar deliver a pensive, hopeful beginning, joined by electronic beats. Dramatic section features more orchestral strings and harder beats. Lyrical, expressive and sombre, suitable for a moody drama.


Cure This Disease

Gentle acoustic guitar with soft spoken word. Acoustic percussion to relaxed breakbeat. Positive, peaceful and hopeful.


Crazy Cakes

Wacky 70s organ with silly add-ons. Kitsch, fun, over-the-top and playful, imagine a quirky 70s family like the Brady Bunch or a town full of crazy characters.


Coming Up To 8

Chimes with slow squelchy beats. Mysterious song with acoustic guitar and long reverberations. Gives a sense of suspense and otherworldliness.



Anticipatory synth & guitar joined by jubilant staccato strings with a pulsing beat. Sort of a cross between Coldplay “When I ruled the World” and some sort of early Arcade Fire track. Expansive and euphoric.


Chimes Guitar

Gentle chimes with guitar and relaxed beats / expectant and positive