Subtle, ambient intro of sparse percussion and synth melody, foreboding and dark, building to a harder sound with pizzicato orchestral strings and 90s trip hop beats. Slightly glamourous, exotic and classy, like a modern James Bond film, perfect for an action/thriller or exciting, potentially dangerous TV scene.


Uncut (Suite)

Slow, foreboding piano track with orchestral strings, percussion and electronic beats. Tense, dark and foreboding, like a wintry evening, driving in the countryside. Grown in intensity as more electronic beats are added. Brooding piano throughout, perfect for an atmospheric TV/Film scene with a hint of hope.

Interludes feature piano only.

Intro and Outros feature piano and electronic beats.


Utopia Theme 10

Extremely tense orchestral string tremolos with horn and clarinet. Choppy, fast-moving string part creates anticipation and introduces sparse phrases of woozy horns and woodwind. Frightening, mysterious and suspenseful, experimental orchestral track to suit a threatening TV/Film scene or creepy documentary.


Utopia 1

Emotional solo piano track. Sombre, reflective piano melody over shifting broken piano chords, opening to a more expressive, improvisatory section over the same undulating chords. Romantic, reckless and thoughtful, to suit a heartbreaking onscreen decision.


At The Circus

Dreamy build on keys with delicate echoing harmonies and swaying shuffling drums. Relaxed, gentle and sun-kissed, perfect background music to a bleached out montage of the happy sunny days of youth.


Storm and Light

Massive dubstep beats, mid-tempo, strutting and striding, with electronic sound effects. Dark and atmospheric, beautiful strings swell and break through the tense atmosphere. The sun comes out.


A New Beginning feat. Nick Hinton

Acoustic guitar track with samples. Slow, yearning and ambient. The sound of children playing, searching vocals, sombre, sparse drums, and emotive strings. Heartfelt, pensive and atmospheric.


Voices of the Night

Unsettling electronic track. Random beats and electronic sound effects build a rhythmic base, unusual sound sources used to create percussive, sensory music. Bird sounds and male vocal samples introduced, like a call to prayer over glitchy beats. Strange, unexpected and off-kilter, experimental electronics to suit a curious, Vice-style documentary or quirky advert.


Theme Ambient 71

Slow-moving electronic track. White noise, ambient drones and high-pitched tones create an immersive sound world. Percussive, rhythmic electronics take over, punctuating a soft synth wash. Mysterious, enveloping and atmospheric, hopeful electronic background music, perfect for downbeat or low-key Documentary/Film/TV scenes.


Theme 6 O Kepler

Contemplative acoustic guitar and piano track. Gently strummed guitar with sparse piano melody. Soft, thoughtful and wistful, would suit a reflective TV scene, a character soul-searching and wandering empty streets.