Pulsating rhythmic track with synths and beats. Swooshing synths ebb and flow like the ocean throughout above a relentless beat like a news intro. New age, floaty but with a hard nervous edge, this track is perfect tension-building background music for adverts, corporate videos, gameshows or a high stakes film scene.



Rhythmic track made with sounds from the human body. Clapping, breathing and playful vocals interspersed with a repetitive acoustic guitar motif and synth bass line, adding depth and sweetness. Light and airy, percussive and cyclical, suitable for a dreamy onscreen interlude.


Mrs Nice

Orchestral percussion track. Timpani, double bass and glockenspiel tip-toe as orchestral strings manoeuvre below. Fun and playful, mysterious and slightly European, perfect for a jokey yet sophisticated advert.

1 minute version available.


Moody Break

Short distorted electronic track. Industrial synths and beats, short and snappy, dark and dystopian, ideal for in between TV/Film scenes or for a short advert.


Midnight (Instrumental)

A downbeat late-night track with guitar, beats and voice. Sombre humming and audible breaths create an intimate atmosphere. Joined by acoustic guitar as the sound warms and builds. Electronic beats take over before the humming and guitar return. A more uplifting and spirited mid-section gives way to quieter moments and a gentle outro. Lush, quiet, heartfelt and uplifting, an emotional rollercoaster that would suit a TV/Film drama, or a trailer for a heartfelt film.


Mexican Builder

Tango-style guitar with accordion and whistling. A dramatic pause and then a faster section with trumpet, strummed guitar and percussion. Silly, fun and celebratory, a jolly track that would suit a sun-soaked advert for a fun time or a Latin-American inspired product.


Mercury Rhythm (Intro & Outro)

Piano track with echoing delay effects and electronic beats. Pulsating, muted beats follow from the piano intro, growing more distorted throughout the track. Haunting, strange and futuristic, would suit a TV crime documentary, a tense film or moody car advert.

Outro features scary electronic whooshing effect at beginning, more frenetic piano at first and more beat-driven echoing section which lasts throughout.


Mercury Piano

Solo piano track. Quiet, chordal beginning develops into an elaborate repetitive motif into a more percussive section with polyphonic rhythms. Tentative then dramatic, this piece would suit an advert for a life-saving service or a tense Film/TV soundtrack.


Magnificent Revolutions

Percussive track made from bike sounds with vocal samples and female voice. Tense, repetitive rhythmic cycle with some bell noises, swooshes and cowbell-like sounds interspersed with manipulated female vocals. Experimental, dynamic and psychedelic, would suit a strange experience on screen or a quirky advert.



Driving pop house with strings. Happy cheesy and bouncy, perfect for a retro 90s ad or background music in a 90s/2000s film scene.