Crazy Cakes

Wacky 70s organ with silly add-ons. Kitsch, fun, over-the-top and playful, imagine a quirky 70s family like the Brady Bunch or a town full of crazy characters.


Coming Up To 8

Chimes with slow squelchy beats. Mysterious song with acoustic guitar and long reverberations. Gives a sense of suspense and otherworldliness.



Anticipatory synth & guitar joined by jubilant staccato strings with a pulsing beat. Sort of a cross between Coldplay “When I ruled the World” and some sort of early Arcade Fire track. Expansive and euphoric.


Chimes Guitar

Gentle chimes with guitar and relaxed beats / expectant and positive


Chimes (Suite)

Gentle chimes / slow, nostalgic and sad / 3 versions


Chilled Eastern

Exotic guitar intro, chilled dance music with middle eastern percussion


Chicago Acid Jazz

Jazzy chicago acid breakbeat with an arty flair. Cool, urban, classy and glamourous, suitable for art documentaries or controversial film scenes.


Cheesy Light Synth

Kitsch synth. Sounds like cheesy 90s house intro or a late night terrible phone chat ad from the 90’s, you know the one – “0898 55 55 55 – CHATBACK!!”


Brazilian Roadtrip

Brazilian acoustic guitar swinger with mid-tempo latin percussion and a smooth double bass. Relaxed, fun, careless and seductive, suitable for vacation promo videos or exotic film scenes.



Groovy double bass is the lynchpin of this four-to-the-floor dance track. Funny, exciting and a steady drive, suitable for comedy spots or funny material. You know those moments in Scooby-doo when everyone is chasing each other through all these doors in the same space? Well, like that but with a cultural edge.