Notes of Dust in the Sunshine

Laid back jazz track. Soft brass, snippets of piano and dynamic double bass keep it easy-going and improvisational. Cool and calm with late night vibes, repetitive and emphatic, perfect for a thoughtful, reflective TV/Film moment, or for a curious documentary observing the subtle idiosyncrasies of a people.



Romantic Spanish guitar track. Emotional piano and steamy Spanish guitar serve up a generous helping of schmaltzy romance. Joined by synth orchestration, bringing Twin Peaks-levels of strange, dreamy, acid-hued nostalgia. Idyllic and sun-soaked with danger lurking in the shadows, like an episode of Sunset Beach. Perfect for retro romance TV scenes, nightmarish dream sequences.


The Last Time

Electronic beats with heavy delay, echoing, harsh and glassy. Bleepy synth seeps into the soundscape. Orchestral strings provide a sombre humanity. Beats intensify to a sparse finish. Suspense, tension and a sense of foreboding.


The Crash

Harp arpeggio, lyrical and pastoral, joined by flute, strings and glassy electronics. Machines imitating nature. Strange, poignant and atmospheric, would suit a investigative TV, or a thoughtful documentary montage.


Streets Call Your Name

Dark, atmospheric hip hop beats with strings.Sombre, brooding and edgy, would suit an after-dark advert or a gripping, dangerous contemporary TV drama.


Spanish Journey

Delicate, measured acoustic guitar with Spanish flamenco ornamentation. Steady beat kept by percussive sample. Bright, thoughtful and sensual, evoking a hot and sticky exotic place, a new start, potential for change…and maybe summer romance…Suitable for a sultry advert for a product that promises to make you a new person.


Singing Motorbikes

Spanish guitar intro with samples of motorbike sounds, along with uplifting Beirut-like horns and string samples and finger snap percussion. Anticipatory, atmospheric and exotic, would suit an advert set in a city packed with people, this soundscape the refreshing respite from the sweltering city heat and overcrowding.



Upbeat acoustic guitar track with snappy beats. Folk-rock guitar with mid-tempo chilled drums and some delicate synth. Positive, driving and wholesome, a commercial sound perfect for an advert for a refreshing beverage or a product that is hearty and healthy.


Reflective Guitar Solo

Lyrical, expressive guitar track. Solo guitar finger-picking a folk-style melody. Warm and soothing, suitable for a health advert or a reflective onscreen moment.


Positive Background

Short gentle synth track with string samples. Arpeggiated synth motif, slowly shifting synth chords and tinkling bell sounds over a steady drum beat. Positive, relaxed and chilled, good background music for an informative video, corporate videos or TV idents.