The Happy and the Sad

Sweet, light and innocent plucked strings are joined by synth bass and kalimba. Happy and wistful.


Lounging House (Suite)

I’m imagining a rich boutique, a decadent tropical showcase, a sumptuous playground for the rich and opulent. You’re not coming in here mate, them shoes is casual. Laid back beats, rich textures, a chilled mood.


Voices in My Head (Suite)

Dramatic anticipatory undertones, rich synth landscapes. Uneasy and dark. Excellent for underscore in tv / documentary dramas.


Urban History 1969 Detroit Rebels

Sassy 60s feel. Amy Winehouse meets Heard it through the Grapevine meets Motown.


Christmas Eve & Funky Christmas

Oh god the xmassy feels! It’s that time of year again, but it’s flaming APRIL I hear you say, well here in Lapland its Christmas ALL the time. I’m a happy little elf! So… full.. of happiness… (head explodes).

Two ad shorts for Christmas product placement, one classical and fairytale, the other more contemporary. Both will make you spew glitter and rainbows.


Sarah’s Ambience

Uneasy tones, starting with radio static and joined by metallic morphing harmonies. Perfect backdrop for suspense and drama. Expansive and desolate.

Versions with acoustic guitar and minimal acoustic guitar


The Club was Full of Girls in 1981

Seriously Seventies disco track, with funk guitar, bass, keys, brass section and vocals. Sleek, funky and retro, perfect for advert encapsulating that feeling before hitting the club, getting ready for a night out with your ladies or your boys.


Move Your Feet

Quality disco with a laid back feel. Intro builds on a hi-hat drum riff with a funky bassline, joined by cool piano, jangling guitars. Cool, funky and earnest. Reminiscent of “We’re Lost in Music” by Sister Sledge.

Vocal version has words “move your feet, step up to the beat, got the urge to move your body”.


Frisco Disco

High energy disco with a club feel. Intro builds in timbre crashing into sophisticated high energy disco arrangement with funky bass, bongos, string riffs, piano and the occasional sexy voice saying “yes”.


Disco Olympics

High energy disco with a club feel. String intro crashes into full on celebration with party sounds, leading to sophisticated disco arrangement with pokey synth and guitar stabs. Reminiscent of “Relight My Fire” by Take That and the one and only Lulu.