Heartbeat like trepidation, leads to gentle electronic buildup in expectancy. Chilled and slowly rousing, punctuated with bursts of electric guitar. Hiding from The Terminator meets 80’s stakeout.



Somber orchestral synths with chatter in the background at first, but then just orchestral synth and tinkling fx. Becomes grand and sensual, includes what sounds like throat singing in the background. Sci-Fi, fantasy, “Lara Croft discovers a new wondrous cavern” probably sums it up.


Casinosøen (Instrumental)

Light and jaunty, EDM. Laid back and grooving with lots of arpeggiated synth lines. Futuristic and bright.



Cool otherworldly / sci-fi synth, simple, warm calm, comforting and strong. With piano and mystical voice developing gently with added synth strings.



Childlike electronic track, kitch and dreamy but with a strong plodding beat. A bit like christmas if you are Aphex Twin’s pet robot. Medium pace.



High energy 2-step dance track. Fleeting beats, orchestral samples, anticipatory beats, Spanish guitar and Middle Eastern-style samples Driving, upbeat and international.


The Waiting Room

Light acoustic guitar arpeggios with soft background piano. Hopeful and poignant, with a positive ending.


Alarm In Shadow

Haunting and hard hitting intro music reminiscent of DJ Shadow. Heartbeat rhythm, warning, emergency, hospital drama. Medium Pace.


Hope She Dreams

Hopeful lingering piano descends into echoing ambient textures with strings, ending with stronger piano with more resolve. Simple version is less dreamlike and just piano and strings.


Midnight Light

Somber beginning with heartbeat like pulse and lingering acoustic guitar, leading to hopeful mid-section, and a gently determined chorus with added drums. Medium Slow.