I Am Kloot

Shuffling breakbeat and heavy bass synth track. Warm but heavy synth harmonies over a D’n’B beat with added drums and a further minimal, pulsating synth line. Fuzzy, fun and low-key, a summery sound for chilled adverts.


Hoodstar (Instrumental)

Brooding, intense instrumental with electronic samples, synth and hip hop drums. Tense, minimal at times, mysterious and foreboding, leaves us without any answers. Suitable for a tense inner-city investigation on a crime series or film.



Intense, emotional female vocal with tense orchestral strings, acoustic guitar and beats. Dreamy vocals, gentle plucked acoustic guitar and reverb-laden beats create a woozy atmosphere with a 90s feel. Orchestral strings and bass guitar underpin the breathy melody. Romantic, nostalgic and intoxicating, would suit a 90s throwback teen drama.


Happy Harp

Playful pizzicato strings and double bass play a jaunty, carefree melody. Strings imitate the plucked strings of a harp, in the absence of any actual harp. Fun, hopeful, positive and warm, a slight melodic idea that would be a perfect piece for a short advert or TV interlude.


Guitar Titles

Driving electric guitar-led indie track. Upbeat, uplifting with chiming guitars and steady drums, reminiscent of Naughties indie or an instrumental Wild Beasts. Would suit an advert or a Film/TV sequence propelling us headlong through a landscape or into the heady landscape of love.

V2 has added drums, synth and a fuller, heavier sound.


Further In

Smooth, dreamy 90s-style track with shuffling trip hop beats. With shifting synths and melancholy orchestral strings, it feels like we’re getting emotional by the ocean. Woozy electric guitar is like an British alternative to surf music. Chilled, warm but with an edge, evokes the spirit of the 90s – Sade and Morcheeba vibes all the way. Perfect for a smooth advert or a steamy Richard Curtis romance.


Fun With Knives

Unsettling, squelchy electronic track with haunting spoken word sample. A strong beat kicks in after the vocal intro with floating synth parts shifting above. Dark but groovy electronic dance. Suitable for slightly supernatural Film/TV or adverts: imagine zombies doing the robot in unison.


From Now On

Haunting piano intro with eerie sound effects, joined by trip hop beat and warm piano chords.The beat picks up and the piano intensifies before going back to a steady groove with undulating bass guitar. Then growing in intensity with added string section, powerful bass and dynamic percussion. Warm, atmospheric, cool but tense, the perfect soundtrack to a cool action movie or tv series, or a moody, city-based advert.



Breezy folk track with male and female vocals. Subtle electronics mingle with arpeggiated acoustic guitar and shuffling percussion in this gentle love song. Blissful, dreamy and happy. Halfway through, the sun comes out and this track grows in bleached out intensity and warmth. Suitable for a euphoric, romantic tv or film moment.


Eastern 2

Dramatic instrumental track. Glitchy electronics begin, joined by swooping orchestral strings and, soon after, the instrumentation and percussion reminiscent of a Bollywood soundtrack. Final section moves to a more Spanish guitar sound with the sounds of acoustic guitar and what could be intricate foot taps or castanets. A fusion track that would suit the movement from an intense to a more low key mood on screen.