Do it for the Kids

Young, celebratory, motivated and proud. Ukelele and percussion with pizzicato strings and glockenspiel develops into light orchestral movements with solo cello. Hopeful piano interlude with clock ticking sound then big finale. Medium pace.


Chocks Away

Happy lighthearted and fun, a bouncy summery track with full band instrumentation following a verse chorus structure. Medium fast pace.


Wicked Tuna

Rousing war horns intro, industrial beats and bass line develop into searing synth arpeggios, with ghostly vocals rising to a dark crescendo.


Crossing the Line

Low tense piano with eerie string effects creates an air of hushed expectancy, leading to a section hesitant movement, held breath and finally warm deep achievement, with hesitant but strong orchestral strings. Beautiful, majestic and yearning. Slow.


Fly Fly Baby (Suite)

Serious, strong, punchy and driving new wave electronic music – reminiscent of “Disparate Youth” by Santigold. Medium Pace.


Silhouettes – Florida Room

Full band, indie rock – clockwork beginning to relaxed verse, still chorus, gaining momentum and pace into held harmonious bridge and a measured ending. Medium – medium fast


Other Lives – Florida Room

Full band, high powered indie rock – emotive, pulsing beginning to catchy stabs in verse, head nodding chorus, intense bridge and soaring final chorus


Letters To Berlin – Florida Room

Full band playing high powered indie rock – emotive, catchy riff in chorus, big bridge and finale


To The Chapel

Slow sad dark piano arpeggios with a deep melody, accompanied by swelling strings.


TB A Killer

Piano and muted beats stomp along with with sweeping orchestral strings. Smooth, emotive & tribal.